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Free Lightroom Presets For Photography_9

My Free Travel Preset Collection is the result of 10 years of taking and processing photographs. Each one sided represents a fashion or artistic leadership I researched in my career. With my presets, it will be easier for you to discover what artistic style is best suited to your own heart. Utilize my presets as a starting point for developing your own unique artistic vision. Free Lightroom Landscape Presets Landscapes are definitely the most important part of my travel photography. Landscape photos represent about 80% of the overall photos I take. Because of this, I pay the most attention to landscape editing techniques. While I shoot landscape photos, I often have to deal with an extended dynamic range of the scene. This can be a common occurrence whenever you’ve got an extremely bright area around the sun and exceptionally dark regions in the shadows of this foreground. The most important objective of viewing landscapes is the same–to decrease the dynamic selection of light. In Lightroomwe do so by opening the shadows up and recovering the highlights. When the major objective is accomplished, another challenge is to highlight certain colors in the photo without moving ahead. We highlight the blue hues of the sky and the green and yellow colors of the vegetation. At the last stepwe increase the total contrast of the scene until we export the photograph for publishing. As you can see, Free Lightroom Presets For Photography that the complete number of edits to get any given landscape photograph can reach around 50 in what could be a long and tedious process. The good thing is that I already incorporated these edits into my Free Lightroom Landscape presets, which you may use as a basis for the Lightroom editing. Natural Preset — gives your landscapes a natural look with rich colours and crispy heavens. HDR Blend — when your pictures have bright highlights and dark shadows, so this preset is for you. End of Summer — trendy appearance with a hint of magenta colour. Harsh Shadows — adds an excess punch with increased contrast. Unprocessed RAW picture Lightroom preset NATURAL implemented Free Lightroom Cityscape Presets When we edit cityscapes, we can be more competitive in our editing when compared with landscapes. We can freely experiment with changing colors and tones, so fostering the contrast and clarity into the extreme and even exploring unconventional colour mixes. The main reason for such freedom is because there is no reference point for viewers looking at your image. Generally, the viewer doesn’t understand what the colour of the building actually is, which enables you to openly manipulate it. My Free Lightroom Cityscape Presets include a much more competitive editing style in comparison with the landscape and portrait presets. Hawaii Sunset — if your photographs have bright highlights and dark shadows, then this preset is for you