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For example, it won’t work on the early tutorials I did that used captions. The problem is that Enounce needs to have a sound stream for its algorithm to work. The program also requires the use of Adobe Flash, which some people block for security reasons. While many videos now have a toolbar that allows the user to change speed, some do not. For example, I host my videos on Wistia and they provide this feature.

SSDs require installation, so if you’re unfamiliar with the intricacies of laptop design, it may be better to pay someone to install it for you. There are also numerous options for applications that can be used to clear out your internet cache, such as CC Cleaner. However, a manual delete takes less than a minute or two, with a couple of easy steps. When you click on that, you receive an itemized list of all the data stored, which can either be deleted individually or all at once.

MySpeed includes a fully functional 7-day trial or you can purchase the Windows version for $29.95. I would encourage you to start with the trial before purchasing to make sure there are not any compatibility issues. One limitation to MySpeed is the program doesn’t work on all online video files.

  • Recent topics have included Bitcoin, tech and geopolitics, lean product management, the future of cloud services, and scaling your product or application.
  • Because there’s such a wide variety of contributors, Hacker Noon offers articles on an excellent variety of topics.
  • It’s difficult to be a web user these days without having accounts on dozens of websites.
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  • Pendo regularly publishes great content at a regular cadence, offering insights from their own experts and guest writers.

A small pop menu will appear with options for CCleaner your video. For Mac, restart your computer, then hold down Command + R. From there, reinstall the OS without erasing your files. Generally, 8GB is the minimum amount of RAM you should have on computers, but not all laptops are upgradeable. Adding RAM also requires installation, and many newer laptops may come with RAM coupled with the computer’s motherboard, meaning it cannot be adjusted.

There is an opportunity for users to download both free and paid applications that perform a disk cleanup automatically that can be accessed through the app store. It’s easy to view and manage your storage by clicking the apple in the top left corner of your screen and then selecting About This Mac. Once it scans through, it will show you a list with all the files and how much disc space you have left. Click on all of the boxes located to the left-hand side of the files and click on Clean Up System Files. Either process takes about 2 minutes, depending on how many applications you intend on removing from your laptop.

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However, HTML5 videos have a feature that allows the playback speed to be controlled even if the toolbar doesn’t show that feature. One Chrome browser extension that can do this is called Video Speed Controller. It’s a small, but configurable toolbar that sits atop of the video. Adjust the slider bar from 1.x to your desired playback speed.

The easiest way to clear temporary files from your internet cache is to go through your individual browsers and access the Settings tab. It may be more feasible in the long run, however, to spend a few minutes every couple of weeks deleting applications and files that are just taking space.

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